Main Line Media, Inc.


Main Line Media is a multi-media firm specializing in the confidential representation of clients in all aspects of public and media relations encompassing print, video, electronic and event production

Founded in 1988 by national Emmy-nominated television writer/producer/host Bruce W. Cook, responsible for such product as “Entertainment Tonight”, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” and “The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers”, Main Line Media Inc. is a boutique firm focusing on creating the signature message for clients seeking the highest caliber of public relations and marketing.

Skills and Services Provided by Main Line Media, Inc.

-Full service press release management 

-Executive speech writing and media coaching for both print and on-camera interviews

-Corporate public relations crisis management

-Business, social cultural introductions to all appropriate organizations

-Event planning and coordination

-Marketing and advertising creative services

-Relationship with Los Angeles celebrity avenues as required

-Create write and produce commercial spots for radio and television




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